Welcome to the home page of Protect Bowmont Natural Environment Park, a resource for area residents of NW Calgary to help advocate for reduced development along the boundaries of sensitive urban natural lands and wildlife corridors.

Update – new posting by land owner:

Condo units from $600,000 to $3 million … not for most people living in the area, and not for most seniors living in Silver Springs.
Pre-sale signs have gone up prior to the development permit being submitted to the City. However, this appear to be the developer’s final plans … luxury condos in our neighbourhood’s greenspaces near a sensitive wildlife area. Where is the local area planning?

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The purpose of the flyer and the website is to ensure that area residents are aware of the pending development permit that the owners have planned to submit in 2021. 

  • Between 2016 and 2017, most area residents were not aware of the proposal to redesignate the land from a fallow state to multi-residential high-density housing.
  • As a result, when it came to the City for approval (2018), only two residents were present (waiting 8 hours to present), our community association was unaware of the public hearing.
  • Council passed the land redesignation, and the original owners then proceeded to sell it to another group for $2.75 million in early 2020.
  • That new group had been in talks with the City since 2019, in Nov 2020 posted signs for a large commercial building that was not consistent with the original land rezoning approval.
  • When I contacted the new owners to point this out, they removed the signs and rendered a luxury apartment complex for my sake.
  • Unfortunately, the Avison Young real estate site still promotes a large commercial complex, so it is not clear what will be built at 5651 Nose Hill Drive NW.

Stop the development? The point of this section was to tell residents that the answer was “no”. The City Council at the land rezoning phase makes a decision that can only be challenged in court and none of us have the money to do that (need lawyers). Moreover, it had to have been done within 3 weeks of the decision. Many of us were not aware of the decision. So, unless the developer wishes to change the land rezoning to natural lands, then we cannot stop the DP process. This does not seem likely.

Land swap? The owners initially expressed interest in this, as were not aware that it would be controversial to area residents. Not sure if this was sincere, but we tried to get City Planning and City Parks to look at the idea. They did review the request and formally said “no” land swap as of March 14, 2021. They feel the land is of no “ecological value” even though there is a hardened deer path on it and lots of deer and other wildlife droppings. 

Alter the development? That appears to be where we are at. We have ensured that an environmental impact assessment must be done during the DP process, but now negotiating what should be included. There appears to be good evidence of a major wildlife corridor there, and EIA has to include Bowmont Natural Environment Park as well as connectivity to 12 Mile Coulee. The development could also increase not decrease car-animal collisions/near collisions. Other residents are pushing for a new safety and traffic study, since the last one was more than 4 years ago.

Appeal the development? This would happen after the City approved development plans later on, and the plans were either unchanged or terribly inappropriate for this green space. This would go to the Calgary Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB or Board), which is a quasi-judicial board (no lawyers required). However, area neighbours tried to appeal the decision on Habitat for Humanity’s 34 unit in-fill, and our Community Association opposed the residents resulting in their appeal being defeated. We have formally asked the SSCA not to oppose our appeal. And that is where signing the on-line petition is helpful.

The petition is a quantitative measure of where area residents stand on this development. The on-line petition also has a feature where the person running the petition (not me) can push out notifications on next steps. There is plan for this shortly. The petition signatures help the SSCA (and other Community Associations) to see that most area residents are opposed. We have delivered close to 1000 flyers in the area, and the 40% of people coming to the door – 95% are opposed, a few need to read the information, and perhaps a handful think development is good in general.

Trying to stop development in Calgary is an uphill battle because the City depends on property taxes and development permit fees for up to 80% of its revenue, which creates a conflict of interest. There will be a strong bias to develop vs conserve. Natural spaces provide no revenue and are considered worthless to the City. It is remarkable that we still have any city parks.

Hopefully this helps. Please sign the petition, express how you feel to your community association, and perhaps also speak your mind on the Guidebook for Great Communities (which will further undermine any local control over unwanted redevelopment in established neighbourhoods).

And it is an election year. The incumbents within City Council appear to be pro-development and densifying everything. You could look for candidates who promise to listen and act on the concerns of impacted residents.

Check out the rest of this site for greater detail on what you can find on the park’s history, the Calgary Planning process, as well as options for dealing with 5651 Nose Hill Drive NW development in 2021-2023. Hit the menu information button below for a description of each section.

Sign the petition:

This is also the place to connect with other local initiatives such as the Petition from Silver Spring residents against the proposed 5651 Nose Hill Drive NW multi-residential high-density housing complex scheduled to be competed by the end of 2023. If you wish to sign the Petition, press the Change.org button to send you there.

“8-storey complex at 5651 Nose Hill Drive NW – they want a development permit”
Patrick Crampton started this petition to Calgary City Council, Ward 1 Office and Landowner

Presentation to the SCCA (March 2021):

Three area residents recently presented to the Silver Springs Community Association (SSCA) on the key issues facing the community as well as all area residents of the NW Bow Valley. Press on the presentation to read more.

Describes the key issues facing area residents.

Article in the Silver Springs Spirit (April 2021):

In mid-March 2021, we submitted an article on the impact of the 5651 Nose Hill Drive NW proposed development on the regional bikeway/pathway system (5A Network) and the main wildlife corridor into and out of Bowmont Natural Environment Park. There are three formats to choose from (same edited version from SSCA board members).

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Original door-to-door Flyer (January 2021):

Press on the original PDF flyer button below for an introduction to the proposed development at 5651 Nose Hill Drive NW, which includes a little history on this 2-acre parcel of land and some potential options for area residents to take.

The original flyer describing the issues in a nutshell.

For specific questions about the proposed development, you may contact environmental@shaw.ca . I will return all inquiries (but cannot guarantee a quick or urgent reply). This is not my day job.

Within the rest of this website, you will find additional details to make you more aware of the overall situation in your NW Community and the natural green spaces around your local neighbourhood.

Get involved:

You can only be heard if you are a member of your City of Calgary Community Association.
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Please note that this is a voluntary project of a Calgary citizen. As such, I don’t express the views of the Silver Springs Community Association (SSCA), the City of Calgary, or any other organization, business or agency. These are simply observations from a long time resident, who feels that Silver Springs is the best Community in Calgary. In large part, this is due to our unobstructed views up and down the valley, and our unimpeded access to the Bow River through bikeways and pathways within the Bowmont Natural Environment Park.